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San Diego Comic-Con International 2018 is one for the books — a glorious cosplay and comics extravaganza.

A personal highlight for POCHO Jefe-in-Chief Lalo Alcaraz was his first-ever spot on the Quick Draw panel, said to always be the funniest panel at Comic-Con. This year’s group featured the rapid-fire Sharpies of comics god Sergio Aragones (photo ^^) and “has drawn everything” cartoonist Scott Shaw: [Mas…]

Dr. Harold Bornstein — that wack long-haired doctor who wrote a weird-ass letter about Donald Trump’s health — comes clean with the whole truth and nothing but the truth in this shocking new video. [Yes, that’s STTNG’s Brent Spiner, Trekkies!]

What happens when indigenous Star Fleet Captain James T. Kirk violates the Prime Directive? Will he create an alternative universe? (Caution: one “adult” word.) Let’s tune in….



Reading is hard. That’s why we’re happy to feature our MiJA, Elise Roedenbeck (she’s @Buttronica on the Twitter), reading customer reviews of products. Now you can sit back, chillax, watch and listen instead of trying to pick out the words, with all those darn letters. Today’s selection includes a dramatic reading of a review shared by the Starship Enterprise’ most festive officer, George Takei.


  The future includes brown. We’ve seen Raza captain spaceships, battle real aliens, and go where no mestizo has gone before. They invent and create. In Raza in Espace, we will highlight Latino characters in science-fiction. Pues, Engage!

How do you rebel when you’re raised on an indigenista planet with a traditional tribal culture?

Teenage Chakotay left the tribe and entered Starfleet Academy, and grew up to
became a freedom fighter who engaged the Cardassians and became the voice of reason as Voyager’s first officer during their long journey back to the Alpha Quadrant.

He was also a mentor to Latina engineer, B’Elenna Torres and sported a bad-ass facial tattoo before Mike Tyson.

Commander Chakotay was raised on a planet on the border between the United Federation of Planets and Cardassian Union. [Mas…]

To boldly go where no hombre has gone before — Estrella Viaje.

Mayan weed bombs scar U.S. field, Trekkies prepare for Apocalypse

by CHICHI CHONG December 12, 2012 Doomsday Countdown
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Every day brings us closer to the End of the World as We Know It on December 21 (synchronize your chronometers with our MAYAN APOCALYPSE DOOMSDAY COUNTDOWN CLOCK in the right column.) All over the Internets, extremely concerned Trekkies are banding together to wear “expendable red” jerseys on The Last Day, so they can “die […]


Adrian Tafoya: My life as an alien (In space, la raza assimilates you)

by ADRIAN TAFOYA October 4, 2012 Cultura
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There are certain situations in Hollywood where as an actor you have to have no shame. This was one of those times as I stood inside a large curtained-off fitting room wearing only a flesh-colored dance belt, the equivalent of man panties. Well, it is true that actors are a strangely alien tribe which are […]


Sabado Pochonte Video: ‘Zorro’s Fighting Legion, Flaming Z’

by CISCO F. CUPOLA May 12, 2012 Cultura
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Zorro’s Fighting Legion  is a 1939 Republic Pictures serial featuring Reed Hadley as Zorro. The plot revolves around Zorro’s alter-ego’s (Don Diego‘s) fight against the evil Don Del Oro, who wants to become Emperor of Mexico. An occasional trope in this serial is the ritual death of at least one native informant, much like the […]


Rick Perry: Mexi-Klingon threat could require Viet troops

by Santino J. Rivera January 8, 2012 Cultura
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(PNS reporting from NEW ENGLAND) As president, Rick Perry “would send troops back into Vietnam,” the Texas governor declared during Saturday’s presidential debate. Blasting Pres. Barack Obama for letting Vietnam “just sit there,” Perry (R-TX) said the area is susceptible to a light-speed invasion from Mexican Klingons and possibly people who hate Christmas. “Look, these people […]