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Can the President revive his low approval ratings by delivering the greatest State of the Union speech in history? And what about his relationship with First Lady Melania?


Because he wants to make America great again, GOP presidential nominee wannabe Donald Trump shared some nasty knowledge about Mexican immigrants when he announced his candidacy Tuesday (video).

trumpovercombThey’re rapists, he said, and bring crime and drugs.

But that’s not all! Here are are Pocho Ocho top things Donald Trump also wants you to know about Mexicans:

8. If you rub a Mexican’s tummy just the right way, they’ll wiggle they brown little arms and legs and say “Squee squee squee” but in Mexican of course.

7. Mexican show business is infested with thesbians.

6. Mexicans are so crazy lazy they will take your job. [Mas…]

mexicanlunchmeatUndocumented migrants aren’t the only brown threat at our southern border — illegal Mexican sausage is making its way into the sandwiches our precious children pack for lunch. Stephen Colbert reports: [Mas…]

colberthispanicHe’s gone from the Report, but Esteban Colberto will always be in our hearts, and online, as long as these video links stay alive.

Check ’em out:

Whatever it is these poor kid refugees are fleeing — Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, El Diablo — Stephen Colbert pities them. But not too much.

Stephen Colbert praises Cesar Chavez’s villainous co-star, John Malkovich, for his work in trying to stop greedy farmworkers from stealing our lettuce and letting our table grapes rot on the vine.


Colbert Report: Do Hispanics cost trillion$ and have low IQs? (video)

by GUILLERMO O'REILLY May 17, 2013 El Now
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It takes an ace newsman like Stephen Colbert to get to the bottom of the barrel of reasons why the Heritage Foundation’s report on immigration says legalization will cost us six trillion dollars and the entire Hispanic race has lower IQs than native white Americans.


Colbert to Romney: Run this commercial to get Latino votes

by SHAWN CLOTA April 5, 2012 El Now
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It’s no secret that Mitt “Self Deportation” Romney is not Latinos’ favorite presidential hopeful. Stephen Colbert explains the political realities and introduces a new Mitt Romney TV commercial. POCHO has a Mexican Mitt Romney commercial too — and it’s a music video (below).