Trade publication Advertising Age’s new Hispanic Fact Pack has hit the Interwebs, revealing tantalizing details about the “Hispanic market” which means you.

And it’s packed, por supuesto, with facts: [Mas…]

It’s not that Latinas don’t love hearing how their individual characteristics pale in comparison to stereotypes thrown around on talk radio…well, actually, they don’t love it. At all.

NOLA student Sophia Garcia says the stereotypes that bother her most are the ones she hears when she share her “opinions” — that she’s being overly “spicy” and “ghetto.” Who would be bothered by that? Probably anyone.

What you think?


TV network Univision is numero uno and Latinos are fast becoming America’s new demographic champions. Our MiJA, Elise Rodenbeck, offers some advice for gringos on dealing with this new reality. Hint: Food is “spicy,” women are not. [Mas…]

Ivonne, Ilse and Mimí of Flans aren’t about to let you run their lives. Even in 1985, ain’t nobody got time for that!

ZOMG! Did epic failure Willard “Mitt” Romney get his idea about how life would be easier he were only a Latino from John Wynn’s stand up comedy routine? And are Mexican-Americans purveyors of “casual racism?”

Confusing white people is easy if you follow these handy tips from stand-up comedian Dennis Vargas.

Hey Vato! Does a Raiders’ jersey glorify gang lifestyle (NSFW video)

by Soy Capitan May 2, 2012 Cultura
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The Vatos’ discussion of the finer points of football jersey fashion lead them to consider Edgar Allan Poe, The Raven and the stereotypes implicit in identification with the Raiders’ Nation. Nevermore, ese!


From Coldrank for Trayvon: ‘Black Man’ (music video)

by KAY SIRAH April 6, 2012 Cultura
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Citing Malcom X, MLK and Michael Jackson, rapper Coldrank‘s Black Man explores, shall we say, discrepancies in society’s treatment of blacks killing blacks, blacks killing whites and whites killing blacks. And those that don’t learn from history, he reminds us, are doomed to repeat it. Directed by Joe Mexican.