supermanfriendlyhandHelp the refugees, kids, said Superman in this 1960 one-page PSA. Lend a friendly hand! is from DC’s World’s Finest #111, August 1960. It was World Refugee Year on a distant planet just like Earth where people just like Americans cared about others.

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Los Pochodores 

Just like I promised the Washington Post, here are some photos from Comic-Con in San Diego:

Let’s start with the first of several selfies.  Here I am with Ramon Ramirez of Smarty Cartoons:


This dude? Photo speaks for itself. Maybe: [Mas…]


[Toon mashed up from the Internets. Original source unknown.]

Cold outside? Snow on the ground? Tied to the train tracks as a locomotive approaches? No worries? No makes! Hispanic Superman Rudy Mancuso is on the job! [Remember: The Vine videos need you to click on the top left of the image to hear the sound.]


DREAMers are super (toon)

by Lalo Alcaraz June 17, 2013 Cartoons
Thumbnail image for DREAMers are super (toon)

Sure was hot over the weekend! How hot was it?

by Gabriel Tellez Jr. September 17, 2012 Cartoons
Thumbnail image for Sure was hot over the weekend! How hot was it?

Sure was hot outside Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo this weekend in Los Angeles. How hot was it? It was so hot even Superman needed to see the paletero man.


El Machete Illustrated: Undocumented and alien — the cartoon

by ERIC J. GARCIA April 17, 2012 Cartoons
Thumbnail image for El Machete Illustrated: Undocumented and alien — the cartoon

It’s Income Tax day — do you know where your undocumented alien superhero is?