Artist James Curran explains the method behind his madness in creating LAGifAThon:

In July I spent a month in Los Angeles where I animated a new GIF every day for 30 days inspired by something that happened during my stay.

See all the looping GIFs on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram with #LAGifathon or follow me to keep up with the next Gifathon, coming soon…

When Japanese students at the Q International School in San Diego tried an unlikely All-American Mashup, a “sushirrito,” they were surprised.

At first, they noted, the colors weren’t right, there was no mustard and it lacked ketchup and hamburger. On the other hand, nom nom nom!

We weren’t surprised. In SD, burritos have explored new culinary and multicultural frontiers — they come with French fries: [Mas…]

octopusTired of asada? Pollo getting old? Frijoles run outta gas? These Taco Tuesday Tokyo Treats may be the change of pace you’ve been looking for. On the other hand, maybe you’ll count your blessings.

RocketNews24 reports: [Mas…]

tacotalkWhen a Hey Vato! fan asks the Taco Lady how to make hard shell tacos like the ones in the box at the store, she has an answer, but probably not the one the viewer wanted. [Mas…]

San Antonio, Tejas, is apparently chock full of cool artists creating cool art and organizing cool art events. shows and tells in this video about the BIG IN JAPAN ArtSlam late last month.