psastillThree glorious black and white Public Service Announcements remind an “ordinary Joe” not to be “Joe Shmoe.” How? “Don’t be prejudiced.”

“Negroes and whites, Jews and Christians, [women are seen but not heard],” says the cheery announcer. “We are all in this together.” Also we’re all in the circus and on the baseball diamonds, high rise construction sites and neighborhood block parties.

Ground-breaking integrated pre-rock-n-roll boy band, the Benny Goodman Quartet, swing the PSAs to a brilliant climax as silhouetted jitterbugging hep-cats prefigure iPod commercials. We can make beautiful music together if we all play ball! Bake a cake for your colored neighbor. HOME TEAM USA! Tuned up for freedom! Solid!

Do you think Mustache Guy is Latino? [Mas…]

Los Cenzontles (the Mockingbirds) offer up the traditional ranchera El Columpio. Life, they lament, is up and down, back and forth, like a seesaw or a swing. Lucina Rodriguez and Fabiola Trujillo sing accompanied by Eugene Rodriguez and Emiliano Rodriguez. Video by Tudor Stanley.


feetwarmersThrowback Thursday #TBT takes us back to the “jazz age, the Roaring Twenties” as The California Feetwarmers perform live in DTLA’s historic Union Station with the dance troupe LA Shag. The song is San: [Mas…]