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Imagine a city, your city and your former “hip” neighborhood, being handed over by greedy politicians and re/developers to the crème de la crème of the tech industry. This includes the 7 most powerful tech companies in the world. I don’t need to list them: their names have become verbs in lingua franca; their sandbox is the city you used to call your own. [Mas…]

quipusScientists investigating the archaeological complex of Incahuasi, south of Lima, have uncovered 25 well-preserved quipus.

The 600-year-old strings are an example of the technology of the Inca civilization, which never developed a written language.

Quipu – also called “khi-pus” or “talking knots” – are made up of colored spun thread, and sometimes, llama or alpaca hair.

The ornately knotted strings are thought to have helped in record-keeping, when authorities wanted to monitor items such as taxes and population.


LatinoUSA writes:

It can be hard for Latinos to break into the field of tech, they often lack social capital and funding.

Tech writer Sara Inés Calderon (photo) and DIY Girls founder Luz Rivas join Latino USA host Maria Hinojosa for our live show in Austin to talk about these obstacles and why they believe being a Latino is actually an asset in the world of engineering and innovation.

Why pay big money to get the big sound your music deserves? The new iMex iPhone or iPod dock is easy to assemble, does not need weird Ikea wrenches, and is fabricated from recyclable and easily-replaceable components available wherever Mexicans are served. Also available for Android! Sorry, Redmondites — a Windows 8 version has encountered difficulty with integration of the Clippy function, but look for a Win version in 2014.

Self-consciously cool French dudes sure love their iPads, but sometimes, as the mademoiselles know, one must squeeze Le Charmin, or Le Trefle, as they say in France. D’accord, Monsieur Whipple? Or do we have to mansplain it to you?

PNS*Hot*Flash: Chinese hackers infected laptop, local man says

by Comic Saenz February 21, 2013 El Now
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(PNS reporting from TRENTON) “Chinese hackers infected my laptop and filled it with pornography,” an area beer sales executive told company help desk personnel yesterday. “I had no idea they could do that!” Mark Mendoza, chief marketing officer for Buckman Brothers Beverages, said his company-issued Lenovo ThinkPad T530, a 15.6” powerhouse equipped with high productivity […]


Burrito robot[✓] Taco copter[✓] Next: Margaritas by Siri (video)

by JAI TEX September 10, 2012 Cultura
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The kids are all right with their burrito-making bots and taco-delivering copters. All we need now is a way for Siri to phone in a margarita on the way home from work. ¡Mira!


Houston Norteño band shreds on an iPad accordion!

by Victor Payan March 7, 2012 Cultura
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Houston Norteño band Grupo Delirio revs up what we’re calling Cumbia 2.0 with the help of an iPad accordion app, inaugurating the age of the iCcordion! We can’t wait for banda groups to fight back by unleashing the mighty iTuba! ‘Til then, enjoy the musical machaca, carnales!  Will this app work on the new iPad […]


Are Castro and Chavez planning KomradPad tablet and CheOS?

by Lucida Grandé February 2, 2012 El Now
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(PNS reporting from EL OTRO LADO) Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez and Cuba’s Fidel Castro are developing their own communist tablet computer, the KomradPad, and  a custom commie operating system tentatively dubbed CheOS, according to industry sources. Initial apps are said to include a Zynga-style game called Collective Farmville, a first-person shooter named Comrade In Arms: Road […]