Sure that fine chica gave you her number, but what are you going to do to seal the deal? Hey Vato’s Chuy gives Smiley a lesson in how to talk to the hynas.

make-it-a-combo-meal-wendy [Mas…]

tacogradientThe Unicode Consortium — the international group that sets tech specs so people around the world can use computers in any language — is considering the addition of new “emoji” next year, and one of them may be the computer code to display a taco.

The consortium published this illustration on their blog so everyone knows that’s what they taco about, the traditional Mexican dish composed of a corn or wheat tortilla folded or rolled around a filling.

The Atlantic reports:

This time next year, facing your phone’s keyboard and searching for just the right emoji, you may have some new characters at your disposal. [Mas…]

topabbreviations2An Australian company has compiled the Top 100 get message abbreviations they use in Oz (photo) and we realized the list from way way overseas totally leaves out the abbreviations we pochos use.

Here are the Pocho Ocho most popular Spanglish text message abbreviations:

8. FTP: Fuck That Puto

7. ADM: Ay Dios Mio

6. NMG: No Mames Guey [Mas…]

Where do you want to go to eat?

carne-assface [Mas…]

We know some of you are morons or racists or both. Different strokes, meng, different strokes. It’s cool. Here’s a transcript of the speech on immigration that Bronco Bama just delivered in Las Vegas, translated into easy-to-understand Moron. Just for you!


Dank you. It is good t’ be back in Las Begas.

And it is good t’ be among so many good friends. Let – let me start off by dankigg ebehybody at Del Sol High School f’ hostigg us.


Go Dragons. Let me especial dank your outstandigg principal, Lisa Primos (ph).


Dehe are all kinds of notaggle guests hehe, uh uh uh, but I dgust want t’ minion a few. Firss of all, our outstandigg secret of de Departmin of Homeland Security, Dganet Napolitano, is hehe. [Mas…]