the chavez ravine

East Los rockers The Chavez Ravine‘s new music video takes us to the mysterious zone known as the Bermuda Triangle, where being buried in a shallow grave doesn’t mean your love affair is over.

[Video by MANDO+KEVIN. The Chavez Ravine is Manny Nieto (vocals/guitar), Mando Lopez (bass), and Phil Guerrero (drums).]

When this video arrived it was accompanied by this message, and we couldn’t say it better: [Mas…]

The three homies who comprise a band named after the Mexican barrio destroyed to build Dodger Stadium (photo)The Chavez Ravine — are out with a new tune: Touch Down.


When you’re named after an infamous chapter in L.A. history, like the band The Chavez Ravine, your musical tour of the City of Angels would be pretty hard core too! ¡Mira Los Angeles!

What’s the story on this band? Their Facebook esplains: [Mas…]