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estehogar“It’s Proselyte Week here in Orange Aztlán,” POCHO’s anonymous Orange County photographic contributor emailed Wednesday. He put this sign on the front door of his Anaheim townhouse.

“Person after person is coming to ask whether we’ve found Jesus (“¿Ya se les extravió Jesús otra vez?! Qué descuidados son los cristianos con su salvador…”), to try and tell us Trump is more than just a bloviating human camote, to sell crappy chocolates for dubious fundraising efforts, etc. This sign has only been up for a few hours, but so far no one has knocked.”

Four kids from Orange County have a great band name and modern pop sound. Check out the first vid, Ridiculous Feats, from The Taco Truck. [Sid Piravi (Vocals & Guitar), Emma Hattesohl (Guitar), Cesar Landa (Drums), Alex Soto (Bass). Directed by Joe Rodriguez.]

He’s young, he’s guapo and he’s on TV, mujeres!

In the O.C., America’s robust debate about Arizona’s SB1070 and the Supreme Court continues. Photographed on 6/26/2012 by Victor Payan, in a parking lot in the City of Orange — Chapman Avenue near the 55 Freeway.

What if the Insane Clown Posse moved to French Canadia and made a Spanglish hip-hop video in an insane asylum? Mira! This crazy video by The O.C. comes from the Montreal Hip-Hop en Español scene. The a duo made up of MCs Chele and One from Heavy Soundz and featuring many members of the Del Mondongo crew. Del Mondongo is a label/collective formed by a circle of Latino MCs: Boogat, Alquimia Verbal and Heavy Soundz – two all-star hip-hop crews that splinter into different side and solo projects. Loco, eh? (Crazy NSFW language.)