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[Historical magazine advertisement scanned at Scarfolk Council.]




Amigo Flavio Morales of Big Vida Entertainment just uploaded this gem to Vimeo. Here’s how he describes it:

[Oct. 2, 2000] Lalo Alcaraz interview supporting his projects and video from the ILLEGAL intern 10 year anniversary from the El Rey Theatre part of La Banda Elastica’s concert series Las Noches del Dragon.

Throwback Thursday: Lalo Alcaraz’s ‘Virtual Varrio’ (1996) ;-{>

by José Canusí June 26, 2014 Corporate
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In 1996, The Daily Pennsylvanian, the student newspaper of the University of Pennsylvania, reported on a presentation by POCHO Jefe-in-Chief Lalo Alcaraz at the 14th annual Festival Latino de Penn. You won’t believe what happened next! Actually, nothing happened next — it happened a few years before 1996. Que? POCHO Jefe-de-Content Comic Saenz was Managing Editor […]


Breaking: U.S. braces for social media #TMITuesday

by Victor Payan October 7, 2013 El Now
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(PNS reporting from WASHINGTON, DC) With their employer, the United States government, crippled by a shutdown, bored furloughed federal workers here plan to make tomorrow “TMI Tuesday.” The social media campaign, which carries the slogan Brace Yourself Before You Face Yourself, has Washington insiders shaking, fearing a sleazy slew of photographs from GOP fundraisers, Dick […]