What happens when your neighborhood gets gentrified? [Mas…]

Papas is a short video by DFW, Texas creator German Torres. He explains it much better than we can: [Mas…]

In Mor Mexican! Mexico City-born actor Ricardo “Pekas” Aranda eats a McXican Burger for the casting director. But is he acting Hispanic enough? Maybe makeup and wardrobe can help.

tacohatYou roll up to your tio’s carne asada ready to down some truly inhuman amount of your tia’s arroz rojo when suddenly, you realize that your uncle has traded in his authentic sombrero for a weird plaid fedora.

What will you do? WHAT WILL YOU DO?

First of all, don’t be scared. Just choose one or more options from the list below:

  • el brinca brincaToss the fedora into the bouncy house and watch 17 of your little cousins gleefully smash it to death. No one can stop el brinca brinca. No one.

  • [Mas…]

    Stand-up comedian Luke Torres loves his family and his gente. Does his family seem like yours?

    School’s out, summer’s in. Where you going for vacation? Huh? We asked you a question!

    OK then.  Be that way. Two can play that game. Here’s our list of the Pocho Ocho worst possible vacation destinations:

    8. Community service. Were you volunteered? Court-ordered? Did your mom rope you into it? Whether it’s babysitting bratty kids at church or painting over graffiti-ed walls that will be covered in new graffiti by the next morning, there’s nothing quite like serving your community.

    7. The public pool. Why such a drag? Probably because it’s about 60% chlorine and 40% other peoples’ urine. Swim away!

    6. Your family’s rancho in the old country. No running water, no AC, no TP, you may not speak the language, no TV, no Internet, your relatives laugh at you behind your back — or to your face — and you have no escape until your parents come back for you.

    5. Sleeping under a cactus with your tío. What? Do Mexicans not do that anymore? [Mas…]

    Mathematician: Chicanos have only one degree of separation

    by María Purísima June 11, 2012 Cultura
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    (PNS reporting from EAST LOS)  All people have six degrees of separation? Hells, nah! A new study by an area mathematician begs to differ. “The truth is that, for Chicanos, there is only a single degree of separation,” says UCLA Ph.D. mathematics candidate Beto Pérez, of Painter Avenue in Whittier. “I’ve done a global calculation […]


    Pocho Ocho secrets of your average Latino family

    by Victor Payan January 3, 2012 Cultura
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    8. Uncle Wilfredo from South America is a Nazi 7. The real reason your brother looks like Vicente Fernandez 6. La Otra Familia