cornVery late Wednesday night, I created a Twitter hashtag — #MakeMoviesMexican — and asked the Tuiteros if they had suggestions.

Huh? What do you mean? Like this:

#MAKEMOVIESMEXICAN. Gone With the Migra. White Men Can’t Cumbia. Get the idea?

(It turns out I wasn’t the first with this idea. Superstar pocho comic Felipe Esparza tried this concept in February.)

Here are the Pocho Ocho NEW Top Tweets we got in return (racist, ignorant Tweets not included — the entire thread is below.):

8. Mex In The City

7. Dude, Juarez My Car?

6. Finding Chapo


Disabled people are like everyone else — some are cool, some are assholes. Stop the stereotyping.

Mexican-born (just like his BFF’s dad!) actor and comedian Paul Rodriguez wants Latinos to vote for Gov. Mitt Romney in November and recorded 60 seconds of audio (below) to explain why. No habla Espanish? No problemo! We made this video with English titles so you can follow along.

Background footage via the Occupy Wall Street Archive.

Pres. Barack Obama’s reelection campaign continues to reach out to Latino voters with commercials en Espanol and he actually speaks Spanish himself in this new spot. We’ve got English captions/subtitles for people who don’t.

Que busy ñewsweek!

Say hello to Angry Abuelas, pochos. The new iPhone 5 — code-named La Raza — is especially designed for Latinos.

Two  videos broke the news: GOP presidential wannabe Mitt Romney wished he were a puro Latino and his campaign released a new Spanish-language ad aimed at “white Hispanics.”

In science ñews, cilantro haters breathed a sigh of relief as genetics proved it was not their fault and the new African monkey species looks familiar somehow.

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