Artist James Curran explains the method behind his madness in creating LAGifAThon:

In July I spent a month in Los Angeles where I animated a new GIF every day for 30 days inspired by something that happened during my stay.

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ciudadAs the sun comes rises over Guadalajara ♬ ♫ Guadalajara, the city wakes up, cleans up, and gets to work. [Mas…]

“Police officer Jose Ruben Echeverria showed he had the moves Sunday in the Mexican city of Tijuana, dancing to some of Michael Jackson’s greatest hits while directing traffic. Numerous bystanders snapped photos of the dancing police officer, with some even joining in with him. Echeverria says he dances while directing traffic to make the experience of being stuck more pleasant for motorists and pedestrians. He also said it can help boost people’s mood and improve their attitude.” — RUPTLY.

Check out Rush Hour, another mind-bending video from Argentine director Fernando Livschitz.

Here’s a bonus video from Livschitz; it’s called Wind Up Bots:


In Mexico City, a superhero luchador fights for the rights of pedestrians.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

If you ever get stuck in gridlock at an intersection in this crowded capital city, you can’t expect help from a street cop. But you might try “Peatónito,” the protector of pedestrians who dresses as a Mexican wrestler.

When a car blocks a crosswalk, from out of nowhere appears Peatónito (“little pedestrian” in Spanish), in a cape and wrestler’s mask. He stands directly in front of the car and tries to push it back with his bare hands—often to the astonishment of the drivers. If a motorbike is parked on the sidewalk blocking the way, Peatónito lifts it up and puts it on the curb where it belongs. [Mas…]

Crossing the street in Guadalajara? Mind those traffic signals! (video)

by Especial Correspondents December 31, 2012 Cultura
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New Mexico pocho Louis Head sent in this 30-second travel video. Be careful out there, pochos — cross in the crosswalks and espere la luz!