We never thought much about taquero equipment, but if you wanna be a full service taco cart gal and serve up tacos al pastor, you’ll need a plancha AND a vertical grill and a trompo. Here’s a video from local restaurant supply company OC Taco Carts where salesman Jorge Alonso shows off the shiny stainless steel cart.

Salvador Santiago demonstrates how he makes tacos al pastor in a video by NOTIMEX, an official government propaganda agency. Still legit, though. PRO TIP: “Trompa” means “horn” and reflects the shape of the meat on the vertical rotisserie spit. The vertical spit — estimated birthdate 1950s — is either from Turkey or Greece or Arab countries in the Eastern Mediterranean, and that’s not an argument where POCHO wants to choose sides.

al-pastor-logoHis father wanted him to stay in Michoacan, work on the family farm, and do construction, but Raul Morales crossed over from Mexico at 17 to pursue his culinary dreams. Now, at 44, he’s his own boss, and a master of tacos al pastor. “Chef Al Pastor” was interviewed at his Los Angeles restaurant Taqueria Vista Hermosa.