In the lobby of the school where I work, there is a huge image of Earth taped onto the wall. It is made of kraft paper and crisscrossed with colorful broad strokes of tempera paint.

Circling the perimeter of the planet are cutout drawings of children holding hands. No two children are the same, partly because of the way the preschoolers scribbled and colored them in.

Above the planet are the words “WE ARE ONE.” [Mas…]

detroitfI spent several days in Detroit this weekend with the UNITY Diversity in Journalism group, bringing our perspective as journalists of color to two vibrant local communities.

We had a panel at the gorgeous Arab American National Museum in Dearborn, and discussed the situation of Arab American media portrayals from our varied panelists.

At the end of this fruitful panel, I brought up how my last name Alcaraz, has Arabic language roots, and how I looked it up online to translate it. I was hopping it meant, Great Warrior, or Smart Guy, but instead it came up as “The Cherry.” [Mas…]

Sector Abana Abajo presents We Are Latinos featuring singer Jackie Santos. This song is dedicated to all the world’s Latinos, especially to those who struggle every day in the U.S.

Here are the lyrics in Spanish and English courtesy Los Padrotes Music: [Mas…]

Hip hop artist/activist Dazer — originally from Chile — lives and creates in Los Angeles where he filmed the haunting La Raza, featured on his new album Legalizame. The beauty of the melody makes the lyrics soar.

Here the words in Spanish and (robot) English and a streaming audio-only file: [Mas…]

While the non-violent “Black Power Salute” by U.S. medalists at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics was a defining moment in the Civil Rights movement, it is not often recognized that one of the medalists, John Carlos, was a Cuban-American pocho!

Sabor Afro-Latino en el Movimiento! We salute all Olympic athletes who stand up for human and civil rights.

This includes Australian athlete Peter Norman, at left in the famous 1968 photo, who was participating in the protest by wearing a badge for the Olympic Project for Human Rights, whose nephew Matt just has released a documentary on the event.

Good on ya, mates!

Watch the video of this landmark moment as well as the amazing trailer of Matt Norman’s new documentary, Salute. [Mas…]

With love from LaChata: For 20 years, Aztlan Underground has presented an evolution of consciousness intertwined with pre-Colombian thoughts, feelings and sounds. In a search for the other — the unknown — Aztlan Underground gives birth to a visceral sound that challenges listeners.

Check out their new, visually-stunning music video Our Nature. It starts with indigenous drums, channels the apocalyptic opera of the Doors and celebrates the natural animal spirit that inhabits us all.

From the hidden vaults of the Mayan pyramids, two more videos below: [Mas…]