(PNS reporting from HOLLYWOOD) Latino media crix nix the new prime-time fall tele sked in latest minority tubthump, claiming the nets are ignoring a whammo part of the aud by nixing topline talent of color. They also accuse not only webs, but percenteries, individual percenters, reps, prexies and veeps for the lack of color in the ranks of exex, scribblers, scripters, scribes, helmers and thesps. [Mas…]

As a Mexican court considers overturning a ban on GMO corn, farmers continue the uphill struggle to preserve traditional seed varieties.

PREVIOUSLY ON MAIZ DE MEXICO: [Mas…] singer-songwriter Steve Earle moved to New York and fell in love with his new City of Immigrants.


Eliot Chang just loves Spanish-language TV. Comic Yamil (“I’m Hispanic”) Piedra dislikes the very same shows, doesn’t think the comedies are funny, hates the dubbing and thinks the Spanish voices sound like they were recorded on the toilet. YMMV. [Mas…]