You can get anything you want at a traditional Mexican mercado like this one in downtown Mazatlán. [Video by Robert Ellis.]

Wow. There is this seasoning, Cappy, and you too, Kirsten and Brooke – there is this TAJIN seasoning for your fruit AND veggies! Spicy! Salty! Lime! Totes, like, amazeballs! It adds a ZING! to everything! I wonder where they get these ideas?


bugsLong before the European invasion, the original inhabitants of Mexico were making amazingly complex food and taking complete of advantage of every creature that flew, swam, wriggled or crawled. That’s right. We’re talking edible insects. Correspondent Aissa García reports from Mexico, DF for Conexión Global on Caracas, Venezuela network teleSUR: [Mas…]

Sara Inés Calderón (@SaraChicaD on the Twitter) does not look Mexican. But even if she doesn’t have a nopal on her forehead, she has nopales in the frying pan. [With these Vine videos you need to click on the speaker icon in the top left of the image to hear Sara Inés squee.]


A wild fiesta behind closed refrigerator doors turns into a nightmarish slaughterhouse when a rotten avocado crashes the party and eats the guests. Vegeterrible, where the last tomato fights for survival, is from Denmark. FYI, we have another avocado video right here!