familyguytacosDear Ashley,

I don’t really know you very well. I met you for the first time when my family and I travelled to Rogers, Arkansas to see you marry my nephew. I knew my nephew at some point. I saw him grow up here in Los Angeles until my brother and his wife thought the streets of Woodland Hills too gang-infested and uprooted their entire family to the enclaves of my sister-in-law’s home state.

Shortly after, sometime in the 1990s, my mother and I travelled to Arkansas on an Amtrak train for two days (don’t ask – I still haven’t forgiven my mother for refusing to fly) to visit and see our family’s new dwellings.

You weren’t in the picture yet – your husband was still a teenager. Despite the torturous train ride, we relished the opportunity to spend time with my brother and his family. We were even excited to see a new part of the country. [Mas…]

You can’t run to try to hide away
Here it comes, here comes Election Day
Where you are, never really far away
Good morning, Aztlan!

Mira los lyrics: [Mas…]

La Cucaracha

Damian Lopez Rodriguez was brought to the USA without documents as a child — you know, one of those rapists and narcos from Mexico Donald Trump is going to deport.

Damian loved his new country so much he enlisted in the Army when he turned 18. After he died in Iraq, he was granted posthumous citizenship by President George Bush. Damian’s dad has faith his son in Heaven is voting in this election. Are you?

superbrewerFormer Arizona Governor Jan Brewja is predicting Donald Trump will win in the Hate State elections because Latinos won’t vote.

“Nah,” Brewer said in an interview with the Boston Globe. “They don’t get out and vote. They don’t vote.”

What else does she foresee? Here are her Pocho Ocho Mas Loco Predictions:

8. Pigs will fly.

7. When nasty women stop provoking the average guy with slutty clothes, rapes will stop.

6. If regulators approve the AT&T-Time Warner merger, the cable guy will actually arrive between 10am and 2pm. [Mas…]

Letter to Los Editors: Encourage your readers to VOTE VOTE VOTE!!

by Comic Saenz October 20, 2016 Corporate
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Hi Lalo and Amazing Staff!! Thanks for the awesome funnies..unfortuneatly..some of the subject matter is sooo just breaks my heart (like that video “who’s gonna build that wall”)..i live in Az. the most racist state of the union..i was born in ELA..lived in Calif. for 63 years..came here 12 years ago..helped with the 2006 […]


Bang Data: It ain’t me, I ain’t no Fortunate Son (Fortunate Hijo) [video]

by Soy Capitan August 24, 2016 Cultura
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Oakland’s Bang Data puts a contemporary political spin on this remake of Creedence Clearwater’s Fortunate Son. “Some folks are born made to wave the flag,” they sing. “Ooh, they’re red, white and blue. And when the band plays Hail to the Chief, ooh, they point the cannon at you.” Bang Data wants you to register […]


Hopeful candidates begin election year Hispandering (audio)

by Comic Saenz June 13, 2016 Audio
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As the election cycle heats up, hopeful candidates try to gain Hispanic/Latino support, but we won’t get fooled again. POCHO Jefe-in-Chief Lalo Alcaraz and POCHO Associate Naranjero Gustavo ¡Ask a Mexican! Arellano spill the Hispandering beans on Maria Hinojosa’s Latino USA.


The Daily Show: Can Trump change his image with Latinos?

by Especial Correspondents June 1, 2016 El Now
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On the new Daily Show, new Senior Latina Contributor Eliza Cossio explains to Trevor Noah how Donald Trump can change his image with Latinos.