He’s an undecided voter and his mind’s in a pickle about the big issues. We asked him why.


When in Miami, there’s more to eat than face, grandmother knows best when it comes fixing your boo-boo, Mexican Mitt Romney is the “last juan standing,” the Smithsonian immortalizes the Nike Cortez and Florida’s voter fraud crackdown actually snares an actual fraudster.

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Mr. ChaCha is remorseful

(PNS reporting from LA FLORIDA) Even as the U.S. Department of Justice seeks to shut down Florida’s effort to disenfranchise voters, state officials are overjoyed that their purge of voter role has finally nabbed a real fraud, even if their case is a dog.

Much to the relief of Republican witch-hunters who were under fire for challenging the eligibility to vote of war veterans, grandmothers and local heroes, a French Bulldog puppy named Mr. ChaCha was charged on Tuesday for voting fraudulently in a local Miami election last year.

The eight-month-old pup snuck into a neighborhood high school, sniffed the ballot and then pulled the lever for Hammad Jose de Marx, the Green Party candidate for Dade County Residential Service Officer, according to poll watchers. “Though Mr. ChaCha’s motives are unclear, one fact is clear: Voter fraud is real,” an election board spokesman said. [Mas…]