walk like an egyptian

Los Angeles “Paisley Underground” band The Bangles’ tune September Gurls gets a remake by History Teachers to tell the story of The Olmecs and those big stone heads.

Mira the History Teachers’ lyrics:

The Olmec heads
From long ago
Where they came from
No one knows [Mas…]

Morrissey was neither qualified nor cholafied to run Egypt. Totally in the Nile.

Srsly. “By order of the Prophet,” he banned that boogie sound. WTF?

Muslim Brotherhood, my peckerwood! If the rebels get re-Tweeted, the tyrant is defeated.

In ancient Africa, the pharoahs and pharoahitas communicated with Sirius the Dog Star — long before the white devils barked at the Moon. Nubians found the Monolith, and we were nubies no more. [Mas…]