The racist regime of President Donald Trump — an ignorant demagogue without a single Latino in his cabinet — has removed the Spanish section of the presidential website at — but wait, THERE’S MORE!

The Pendejo-in-Chief is also proposing additional anti-Espanol purification of the language. Here are the Presidential Prick’s Pocho Ocho Top Changes::

8. Chocolatl will now be known as Swiss Miss.

7. Latinos are now Invisible.

6. Marihuana will be called Kale. [Mas…]

IGgrannyipad(PNS reporting from CHICAGO) Rigoberto “Rigo” Chavez, 15, cringed in horror when he logged into Facebook Thursday morning and received a notification that his abuelita had once again commented on his status.

The high school junior had posted a status that read “$waaaag$” and Abuelita replied in ALL CAPS:


whitekidsweather200 whitekidsheroin200 whitekidsmexico200

From the year 2000 come these three rare toons from the short-lived comic strip Those Darn White Kids.

Courtesy the WayBack Machine at


Google or Feisbuk? This cool infographic from the people at Information Geographies at the Oxford Internet Institute shows which website is most popular in each country in the Western Hemisphere. It looks like Cuba is still hanging out on MySpace.

Here’s the full world map: [Mas…]

Jefe-in-Chief Lalo Alcaraz commented on this story for NBC Latino *UPDATED 6/22

The Mitt Romney presidential campaign, both online and offline, is the gang that can’t shoot straight.

From the Mitt Romney mobile app that spells “America” as “Amercia” to the RNC Latino outreach poll that Obama won, and the ignorant use of a stock photo of Asian kids as Latino kids, the Romney GOP Presidential campaign seems to be run by an Amish IT team.

On June 19, a tipster sent POCHO the url to, and when we typed it in, we got this simply hilarious clip art donkey 404 page. (Get it? the Democratic donkey indicates an error! Priceless.) along with the prescient message that pretty much sums up Mitt Romney’s and the Republicans predicament with Latinos, “SOMETHING SEEMS TO HAVE GONE WRONG.”

Refresh, Mitt, refresh.

Sorry about the autoplay, pochos, and the pinche Flash video. That’s the way NBC rolls.

Republican ‘Latino outreach’ website confused by non-white kids

by Lalo Alcaraz June 18, 2012 El Now
Thumbnail image for Republican ‘Latino outreach’ website confused by non-white kids, the Republican National Committee’s new Latino outreach website, is apparently a laboratory for developing new ways of screwing up Latino outreach. Last week RNCLatinos hosted a Spanish-language poll asking “Has President Obama disillusioned you?” (the overwhelming response was “No”) and then they used a stock photo of Asian children at the top of their page. […]