A middle class Anglo family, tired of Mom’s home cooking, join la revolución with the help of an electric tortilla toaster. [Mas…]

What is the deal on these so-called Navajo tacos, anyhow?

NPR’s Anne Hoffman and Maria Hinojosa of LatinoUSA are looking for answers: [Mas…]

When getting wrapped up in a soft and fluffy, warm from the dryer tortilla is your ComidaCosPlay character, you know you want it, you know you need it, the Tortilla Towel! The only question is — corn or wheat?

The great Lalo Guerrero can hardly sing for all the weeping as he performs There’s No Tortillas. And who can blame him?

Here’s our favorite (non parody) Lalo Guerrero song — he calls it a “boogie woogie jitterbug”: [Mas…]

Actually, they call this flatbread “roti” or “chapati” in Pakistan and India but they’re all tortillas to me. Note: Totally tubular comal!


Jar of Herdez Salsa Casera(PNS reporting from OXNARD, CA) Sam Fuentes is certain he and his kids would be dead today if God hadn’t intervened.

“The Lord Almighty — with a strong hand and an outstretched arm — saved us from the Grim Reaper, that’s for sure!” the Del Norte businessman and father of two told PNS. “That salsa coulda killed us, but it didn’t.”

Fuentes called the POCHO ñewsroom tipline (408-POCHO-28) to share his story.

The brush with death by salsa, his voicemail said, began Sunday morning after church when he began preparing pot roast for his children Selena, 9, and Chente, 11, who were “his” over the weekend per terms of the custody agreement with his ex-wife Evangelina.

“I got the recipe right off the Internets from the Herdez gente. I trust Herdez Salsa Casera. I have toda confianza, just like the label says. It’s Mexico’s favorite and my mom always swore by it,” Fuentes said: [Mas…]