Hola, is Tia Lencha here, in my kishen making tacos for the teashers at Mijo’s eschool.

The teashers are having a estrike becoz they want all the niños (thas kids for you pochos) no to be like sardines in the classrooms. Mijo says there are 40 estudens in his class! How can the teasher pay attenshun to so many niños? I can barely pay attenshun to Mijo when my favorite novela is on the televishun.

Mijo is helping me make the tacos for the teashers. He believes in la causa of the estrike. He says is no about the money only for teashers. Even though they get pay caca, those teashers. I always buy them giff cards for Targuess or Estarbus for all the holidays, so they can buy a relaxing candle or sone coffee. I dunno why, but teashers like coffee so much! [Mas…]

hatestripWho are the top haters? Where do they hate? What do they do?

A huge infographic at Criminal Degree Hub, a website for students in Criminal Justice, breaks it down, with references and everything. Here’s the complete chart — click to enlarge: [Mas…]

In Norway, Friday night is Taco Night.

Molly Jones of the Norwegian American Weekly explains:

When it comes to Friday’s dinner plans, Norwegians seem to have one thing on their minds: tacos! The younger generations in Norway have coined the term “fredagstaco” to describe the cultural phenomenon of starting the weekend off with a serving—or two—of tacos. [Mas…]

Either a giant horse or a UFO/OVNI shaped like a giant horse appeared suddenly over Mexico’s Colima volcano last week.

“WTF is going on?” asked Britain’s Daily Mail:

  • Collecting samples for your home planet?
  • Dark UFO resembling a flying horse is caught on film hovering by erupting Mexican volcano
  • Object was spotted close to volcano Colima located in western Mexico
  • Appeared to have two legs and came into view out of nowhere
  • Witness said it looked like a ‘horse’ with a ‘very large body’
  • Authorities said it is most likely a drone – they are currently investigating


The act of throwing a pie in someone’s face is not a mission to be undertaken lightly, and it’s a mission we certainly do not recommend, advocate nor encourage, according to our attorneys.

A poorly thought-out pieing plan can backfire, leaving the pie thrower to deal with unintended consequences (see video, above.) Helpful, illustrated hypertext pie throwing manuals are why Al Gore invented the Internets, and this introduction, we hope, might be of some use to you. Not you with the YOLO T-shirt. Those calmer looking people with the NO FRACKING WAY hoodies.

According to online anarchists and pie-throwing experts, there is a proven two-step approach to an effective pie throw, and also several do’s and don’t’s in considering the pie per se. Peep this info graphic: [Mas…]