Famed labor organizer and activist Dolores Huerta has been fighting sexual harassment and discrimination since forever — when she was working in an office, when she was building the United Farm Workers, and when men tried to take credit for her work. In this video, by Hannah McNally, Huerta tells her story.

I am the fifth generation of my family in El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles. This is my story. [Mas…]

Women’s History Video: To shave or not to shave is ‘A Prickly Subject’

by Especial Correspondents March 26, 2018 Cultura

A Prickly Subject is a poetic account of a woman who is grappling with the decision of whether or not she should embrace her body hair in public. [Video by Helen Plumb.]


La Cucaracha: The numbers are bad news for Latina wage earners (toon)

by Lalo Alcaraz November 16, 2017 Cartoons

Sexual harassment is everywhere, not just Hollywood! Shocking, no?

by Especial Correspondents November 7, 2017 Cultura

Currently, the focus is on Hollywood and Harvey Weinstein, who has been accused of harassment, attacks, and/or rape by over 70 women. This evil industry. Hollywood. Shocking, no? No, carnales. Before the Weinstein story broke, Bill Cosby, the sweater-wearing, jello-eating [alleged] rapist, was accused of attacking or raping 41 women. Did we forget about him? […]


Telling the truth about sexual harassment (toon)

by Cartoonistas October 12, 2017 Cartoons

Why there a ‘Penis Seat’ in the Mexico City metro? (videos)

by Verdana Bold March 31, 2017 Cultura

The Mexico City Metro has installed a “penis seat” in one of its subway cars, featuring a molded likeness of a man’s torso and penis. Por que? They hope to get men thinking about the sexual harrassment Mexico City mujeres have to put up with every pinche day. Trade magazine Adweek reports:


International Women’s Day: Las Cafeteras ‘Mujer Soy’ (video)

by Soy Capitan March 8, 2017 Audio

In Mujer Soy, by Las Cafeteras, we see a day in the real life of Maryann Aguirre, a woman from East Los Angeles. Happy International Women’s Day! (Remixed by YUKICITO.)


Refugees: ‘Where do we go from here?’ (toon)

by Cartoonistas February 1, 2017 Cartoons

BBC Video: Lucha libre — not just for hombres anymore

by Verdana Bold December 9, 2016 Cultura

Lucha libre is no longer just for men, as Marcela and her friends explain to the BBC.


Never-published ‘Alt-Right’ tabloid front page called HRC win an ‘attack’

by Comic Saenz November 9, 2016 Cartoons

(PNS reporting from the ALT YORK CITY, ALT YORK) The Wednesday issue of the local “Alt-Right” newspaper — The Putin Press & Patriot — was prepared to report a Hillary Clinton’s election victory as an “attack” on America, PNS has learned (photo.) [Editor’s Note: A “newspaper” is an pre-Millennial period analog instantiation of intellectual property […]


Renee Goust live music video: ‘La Cumbia Feminazi’

by Soy Capitan August 15, 2016 Cultura

Brooklyn-based Mexican singer-songwriter Renee Goust wrote La Cumbia Feminazi in response to online abuse suffered by women. “I’ve considered myself a feminist ever since I learned the actual meaning of the word,” she says:


A woman in the White House is just the start: ‘Madam President’

by Verdana Bold July 29, 2016 El Now

Democrat Hillary Clinton is already making history. And come November, she could achieve another milestone: Becoming America’s first Madam President. Yet behind the groundbreaking nature of her candidacy lies an absence of women in elected office. The U.S. lags behind the rest of the world in female representation at the national level,


From the Library of Congress: The sky is now her limit (1920 toon)

by Cartoonistas July 29, 2016 Cartoons

In August of 1920, American women finally got the right to vote. Cartoonist Elmer Andrews “E.A.” Bushnell used the occasion to predict that a woman could/would/should become President of the United States. [Click on the image to enlarge.] Here’s the Library of Congress listing for this image: Title: [The sky is now her limit] / […]


La Chingona Sandeh stitches to empower mujeres (photos)

by Cartoonistas July 8, 2016 Cartoons

“Sandy Perez picked up her first embroidery hoop three years ago, and what started as a hobby quickly turned into a passion project as she stitched empowering feminist messages and humorous pop cultural references into her designs,” Huffington Post explains.


Nominee wannabe Trump reveals where he stands on women (toon)

by Lalo Alcaraz May 6, 2016 Cartoons

On Equal Pay Day, Batgirl tells Batman: Equal pay for equal work!

by Chale Knickerbocker April 12, 2016 Cultura

Batgirl tells Batman she wants to get paid as much as Robin for the same work. Today we observe Equal Pay Day, “…the date in the current year that represents the extra days a typical woman working full-time would have to work just to make the same as a typical man did in the previous […]


Hey Vato! Chuy and Angie discuss modern gender roles (NSFW video)

by Comic Saenz March 9, 2016 Cartoons

Hey Vato’s Chuy is hungry so asks his sister Angie to make some food, because that’s what women do, right? Angie is not in complete agreement. [NSFW adult language.]