Mexican revolutionary hero Emiliano Zapata was born on this day in 1879. POCHO amigo Eric Holland tells one of Zapata’s stories in a song.


desaparecidosOver at FUSION, Rafa Fernandez De Castro curated a nice photo gallery of street art in Mexico DF — beautiful and haunting and angry. Here are some of the photos she found that we especially liked. [Mas…]

It’s rough being a Chicano, one little misstep and you can crap all over the sanctity of your Chicanismo. Here’s a list of the top eight Chicano sins you want to avoid, just in case you have trouble keeping track.

8. Changing your name to an Aztec name: If you’re Rosa, don’t pretend like you’re really Xochitl just because you joined MEChA. And that goes for you, too, Nezahualcoyotl, I mean Erick.

7. Confusing Emiliano Zapata with Pancho Villa: Yes, they both had mustaches, but not all Mexicans look the same. One of them was a revolutionary or something, right?

6. Talking shit about RATM: Every Chicano loves Rage Against The Machine, without question, everyone knows this. How dare you?! [Mas…]