The Mural at National and Evans, Barrio Logan, San Diego (video)

by JUNCO CANCHÉ on August 9, 2017 in Cultura, Video

On the days where I go to Barrio Logan during a special occasion and parking is tight around Logan Avenue and Sampson Street, I park around the corner at Evans Avenue and National Street.

Near my destination I see the mural: small in comparison to the murals in nearby Chicano Park, but in no way is it any less meaningful.

The mural, painted by a team led by the legendary muralist Mario Torero, is an amalgamation of images that represent the resistance of people being pushed from their communities: Barrio Logan locals resisting gentrification and a new stadium (the stadium project failed last year), Native American protesters fighting off the forces of Dakota Access and preserving their water, a recreation of illustrations from the Mexican Revolution, among other indomitable symbols.

Next time you find yourself in front of a Chicano mural, look closely at the influences, the colors, the faces, what the characters are doing. Look at the animals, look at the words being used, translate them if you can.

Look at the colors, how do they make you feel? That is resistance painted on the walls.

Break everything down and you are left with a clear message: we are here, and we are not leaving.

[The Mural at National and Evans video by Rebecca Aguilera.]

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Jimmy Longoria August 10, 2017 at 7:10 AM

Thank you for keeping the Chicano Mural Movement alive. Paint until the last breath my brothers.

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