The poetry of J. Arceo: “I’m Mexican” (video)

by CHESS PERRITO on February 3, 2017 in Cultura, Video

I’m Mexican is a short video based on the words of poet J. Arceo. [Video by Es Barrio.]

We’ve got the text:

I’m Mexican.
No, I’m not spicy. Or feisty. Or exotic.
I’m just not bland.
Because my culture is too rich.
Because my hips give in to the beats of a drum.
And my tongue with passion.
Because I come from vibrant colors
And full skirts.
And intricate patterns in my gene pool.
Warrior and conqueror.
Because I have “te quiero y te amo.”
While you’ve gotta stick to “I love you.”
Because I come from women with rifles and food that excites you.
And the very hands that harvest this land
hold the very hearts that harvested me.

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