Un chico makes his own arcade: Caine’s Arcade

by Lalo Alcaraz on April 11, 2012 in Cultura, Video

This has got to be the most wondrous film about a small Latino businessman ever made. Caine Monroy, a nine-year-old from East L.A.,  built his own DIY arcade out of cardboard boxes from his dad’s car parts store. He charges a dollar for two plays, but you really ought to get the Superpass, which is a good deal. He has designed security features with 99 Cent Store calculators, and an ingenious ticket delivery system that you have to see to believe. The excellent and funny short film is by Nirvan Mullick, who was Caine’s first and only customer — for a little bit, anyhow.

Watch the movie and warm your corazon!

Help Caine’s Scholarship Fund:

Caine’s Arcade online:



Jane Vargas April 11, 2012 at 5:48 PM


Diana April 12, 2012 at 2:49 PM

Puro Boyle Heights! What an awesome kid. Wish I would have known about him while I was visiting my old barrio.

Jason S April 15, 2012 at 11:22 AM

This morning we went down to see Caine’s Arcade for ourselves. As moving as the film was, being there in person was truly heartwarming! With all the negativity in the world, it is beyond refreshing to witness such a positive surge of energy … to restore faith in humanity, and witness the power & impact of social media.

Caine (and his dad) were so completely down to earth, it was incredible. There were hundreds of people, TV cameras, reporters, photographers all covering the event. Think back to when you were 9 and how you would handle all of these adults interviewing, praising and generally fawning over you… How would you have reacted? This kid was so completely cool and in control in a very innocent, childlike wonder kind of way. Just hearing him speak, you can hear the awe and gratitude he exuded. We helped the family make Fun Passes for about an hour and twice, Caine’s dad sincerely thanked us for helping them out and that he felt bad about complete strangers helping out.

Witnessing this event was also an extremely powerful example of viral marketing and the incredibly positive effect it can have. Kind of like in the movie “Pay it Forward”, the simplest thing can ignite such positive inspiration and change.

Caine and his family really deserve all the great things that will come to them.

If any of you are in LA, please go check Caine’s Arcade out. You will be truly amazed.

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