White Supremacists: This I.Q. test weeds out the really stupid ones

by Lalo Alcaraz on August 8, 2012 in El Now

White supremacists are getting increasingly stupid. When I visited the Stormfront web page (screenshot above) I found it incorrectly displayed in all its “HTML View” glory, proclaiming a twisted worldview of “White Pride World Wide.”

I hope the portly Web Nazi who uploaded his masterpiece realizes that it actually highlights the supremacy of Black HTML Text over a White European background.

And how about the skinheaded dishonorable human discharge in Milwaukee who attacked a Sikh temple? He was so stupid he shot and murdered the peaceful Sikhs because they wore turbans.

Thank Aryan Jesus that our Blonde Lord decreed that his stupid-ass disciple Wade Michael Page was to die in a pool of his own inferior blood. At least those superior genes will not go on.

To weed out the growing idiocy in the White Supremacy movement, we’ve created a very helpful Aryan I.Q. Test that organizations full of morons like the Aryan Nations, The National Association for the Advancement of White People, the Arizona Hammerskins and the Nazi Low Riders can use to cull their members before they do even more stupid crap.

Answers are multiple choice. (Multiple choice does not mean choose all of them.)


Guns don’t kill people, __________ kill people.

  • a) People
  • b) Jews
  • c) Mexicans
  • d) I

Black Flag is

  • a) a band
  • b) a spray for bugs
  • c) a N***** flag

Spell “America” : _______________________.

The U.S.A. was founded on on the principle:

  • a) If you’re black, get back
  • b) If you’re brown, stay down
  • c) If you’re white you’re all right

Which one of these are reliable news sources: 

  • a) Fox News
  • b) Bill O’reilly
  • c) FoxNews.com
  • d) Bubba, shouting on the porch of his trailer

RAHOWA stands for: 

  • a) Racial Holy War
  • b) the name of Beyonce’s older sister
  • c) A joyful Hawaiian greeting

ZOG stands for:

  • a) Zionist Occupation Government
  • b) Zebras or Gazelles
  • c) Zany Old Gals

Barack Hussein Obama is:

  • a) Kenyan
  • b) Socialist
  • c) Muslim
  • d) All of the above

Michelle Hussein Obama is:

  • a) Feminazi
  • b) Uppity
  • c) Black Hitler’s wife

The United States form of government is:

  • a) A Representative Democracy
  • b) A Federalist Republic
  • c) A totalitarian Marxist dictatorship
  • c) Always shooting at my compound


Deiter August 9, 2012 at 9:59 AM

My favorite: “the name of Beyonce’s older sister”

You’ve characterized the offensively uneducated, toothless and beer-bellied redneck garden variety racist well, but as we’ve seen with the opposition to gay marriage and equality, bigots can also wrap themselves in ivy league degrees, Italian suits, and media empires. Every racist is not an ignorant half-head, or even white for that matter. Your barbs are most often targeted to the (dwindling) dominant culture and we laugh at their blind foolishness (and maybe w/ a tear in our eye), but the scourge runs deep in society. Much anti-gay and even anti-immigrant fervor has been sadly multi-ethnic and selfishly American. (You know when a former immigrant has become well assimilated when s/he becomes anti-immigrant.) I remember a very pocho-looking crowd of pro Prop 8 advocates that occupied Olvera Street before the election. The real enemy, for all of us, is ignorance.

Lalo Alcaraz August 9, 2012 at 3:19 PM

Of course! This article is only about what it’s about. Other articles will be what they’re about. There’s plenty of stupid to go around.

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