¿Y Que? What is this thing called POCHO?


What is the story here, yo? POCHO is where cool U.S. Latinos just like you get their daily fix of ñews y satire.  We find, dissect and poke fun at current events, celebrity, lifestyle and everything in between, behind and over there next to the bookcase.

What’s our take on the word “Pocho?” (¿Que es un POCHO?)
Historically, a Pocho is an American of Mexican descent, considered by Mexicans to not be “Mexican” enough and by non-Mexicans of not being fully “American”  – a citizen of two worlds but not really of either.  At POCHO, we don’t play that.  We are re-imagining the word.   We consider any Latino a POCHO if he belongs in BOTH worlds and wears BOTH identities proudly. You too, esteemed Latina ladies!

But I am a gabachowhat do I do?  Hey, we aren’t haters ♥.   If you aren’t Latino, we love you anyway.  A POCHO can be a Latino-wannabe, Latino-adjacent, a Latino lover or just someone who is always mistaken for Latino (come on, Middle Easterners, own it.)

Who are you? We’re a few honest, hardworking, law-abiding homies with different  backgrounds, just tryin’ to riff on the  funny, messed-up shiznit out there and maybe earn a buck or two in the process.  Oh, and one of our main dudes is noted cartoonist and satirist Lalo Alcaraz.

How do I advertise? Email El Gran Jefe de Advertising.

Why are you doing this? Because we want to provide you an antidote to the mainstream media’s attempts at pandering to your hot Latino ancestry. Let US pander!

I  am funny, I write funny and I know how to find funny stuff. Can I help?  If you are a bad-ass, subversive and funny content creator (writer, filmmaker, cartoonist, contortionist) and you get POCHO, WE WANT YOUR STUFF.  We are a bit short on $$ at the moment, but to start, you’ll have a great opportunity to show your skills and reach our audience.  Best of all, you get to be a part of this dangerously twisted new chingadera called POCHO.  To submit, start here .

Are you serious? See our Mission Statement.

Can I contact you about other stuff? Cliquear aquí, esé!

Question mark icon courtesy Wikimedia Commons.