Driving While Hispanic? In Kentucky that’s ‘probable cause’ (video)

In Kentucky, aka KY, the state with the same initials as a popular personal lubricant, County Attorney John K. Carter says being Hispanic is reason enough for a motorist to be pulled over by police in Oldham County. In open court. With video rolling. And the defense attorney pretends she didn’t hear that, just like the lady judge didn’t hear that either. That’s why they need the KY.

After all, only 1.3% of the county is Hispanic, so who even cares? And why are they here in this posh Louisville suburb anyhow? Hispanics be like lazy, collecting welfare and food stamps, speaking Espanish and stealing jobs from white people, am I right?

“Oh no, I di-int,” Prosecutor Carter esplained later [paraphrase], according to The Courier Journal:

Carter vehemently denied that he was referencing the defendant’s ethnicity during an exchange with defense counsel and Oldham District Judge Diana Wheeler on a traffic case.

“I was looking at the citation,” Carter said in an interview Thursday afternoon. “I thought they were talking about the cop not citing him with a speeding charge.”

The case involves Mauro Martinez, who was pulled over by Oldham County Police on July 25 for speeding.

Standing at the bench, Assistant County Attorney Travis Combs said the defense’s “issue is he was stopped because he was Hispanic.” In the court video recording obtained by The Courier-Journal, Carter, who was also standing at the bench, can be heard responding: “That’s probable cause.”

“I’m going to act like I didn’t hear that,” said attorney Dawn Elliott, who is representing Martinez.

Bullshit explanation continued here…

POCHO amigo Professor Steve Alvarez actually teaches college in Mexington aka Lexington, KY. So it’s not ALL bad, right?

Then there was the night in Beverly Hills when POCHO Jefe-in-Chief Lalo Alcaraz was profiled for Standing While Brown.