Happy International Women’s Day from Flight of the Conchords (video)

Flight of the Conchords: Ladies of the World. The fellas want the world to put down that rifle and pick up a woman! In Bolivia! And Namibia! Actually, International Women’s Day is serious business, and here’s a good summary from Fox Latino (of all places!). Bottom line, according to Fox’s Mariela Dabbah? There’s lots to celebrate, and a lot more yet to be done:

If we are serious about equal rights and empowering women, forming strong politicians that can be elected is a necessary step in the right direction. These are the women who make decisions about our towns, cities and states and, hopefully not too far into the future, about our country. They are the champions who speak up for the millions who don’t have a voice. The ones who can change some of the rules and practices that have openly or inadvertently impacted women in a negative way for years.

So I propose that this International Women’s Day we don’t only celebrate the past achievements but look into clear ways in which we can continue to move the needle forward. For what is great progress to some, is slow progress to a lot of others.