Today’s POCHO Hatemail: You pathetic little burritos are obviously idiots

trumpshairForgive me for the very long message, but oh, you did allow me a lot of room.

Saw the little cartoon you burritos did calling Trump a nazi. All the rubbish aside, it isn't even slightly funny, or amusing, or witty. Just on the strength of the cartoon, you're obviously idiots. But you're also crackpots, and slanderers. And you're really inane and trite too, since it takes about one brain cell to quack that someone's a nazi, and people do it so often, being idiots like yourselves, that it's so unbelievably unoriginal, and pathetic. But that aside, you would have to be absolute scum to call someone a nazi as an insult. Especially someone who has a Jewish daughter. i mean you'd have to be an imbecile, and someone without shame, but also a real scumbag. And your loathsome, cretinous insults are one thing, but it is slander. Slander unless you can prove it. Now if you're going to call someone a nazi, then prove it - because that's what people with some sense of honor do when they make a serious and profoundly negative accusation against someone, they prove it (or they withdraw it).

reichOtherwise in addition to being a scumbag, you're ridiculous. I mean you're already ridiculous calling him a nazi, but if you call him that, and then can't provide any evidence, then you're doubly ridiculous. You're a stupid, wannabe bully with nothing to stand on. But you know what, I know you've got nothing to say, because you are simply stupid scumbags, using the most pathetic slur your small brains can think of, and making a bullshit little cartoon just as a means of slinging it at someone. And I can also see what idiots and crackpots you are, by the tags you've given it.

You call illegal immigrants undocumented immigrants, trying to make the major crime of illegally entering a country, and ignoring its laws and constitution, seem respectable. You accuse the GOP of "hate", using a human emotion as a pejorative, clearly showing yourselves to be bigots and totalitarians. You want to portray patriotic Americans as fascists, for wanting to expel millions of criminals who illegally entered their country, and thousands upon thousands of whom committed additional crimes.

And in all lalomerryof this you are once again pathetically unoriginal, and pathetically lacking in anything like wit; and you are scumbags who are embarrassing themselves with their hysterical nonsense. You're not funny, you're not even slightly clever, and your slurs, and retarded rhetoric, show you to be utterly irrelevant to any political discussion. So really, try harder, little burritos.

Oh and on an aside, why don't you dishonest scumbags look at Mexico's immigration laws and their deportation policy.? Why don't you call them nazis too? And it is funny how you hate traditional America, America, and yet support Mexicans breaking the law to try to get in there. And I'm sure your the Mexican flag waving type, and yet Mexico is such a dump of a country that millions of people are willing to break the law, and risk crossing through miles of harsh wilderness to get out. And finally, you don't see the absurdity and irony in you having two crotchety old white men as anti-trump bigots? *

Again, try harder little burritos.

And look forward to Trump winning the presidency, and all your "undocumented immigrants" being deported back to Mexico. Where they'll be able to look at your cartoons calling Trump a nazi (I'm sure you'll be making many in the next four years -you should be grateful to him), and struggle to figure out what the English says.

— ANONYMOUS EMAIL CORRESPONDENT #327 [Original email received 9:54 PM 2/01/2016. Unedited. Toons top-to-bottom: Burrito-in-Chief Lalo Alcaraz, Contributing Burrito Junco Canché, Alcaraz, Apprentice Burrito Dan McClintock. Links and tags by Managing Burrito Comic Saenz.]


* The “two crotchety old white men” reference is confusing. Everything else makes sense though.


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Con Safos,
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