UPDATED: In Coca-Cola’s Mexico, white hipsters save Xmas (video)

(Video added 3:15 PM PST Monday December 7.)

Coca-Cola drops controversial Christmas video set in indigenous Mexico

Updated Thursday 7:20 PM PST DECEMBER 3, 2015.
Via The Guardian:

Company spokesman said it had not meant to insult anyone with ad showing Coke being handed out by light-skinned actors in community of Mixe people

A Coca-Cola Mexico spokesman apologised and said the company had pulled an online ad after it was deemed offensive to the country’s indigenous people by consumers, media and advocacy groups.

Coke director of publicity Diego Bracamontes said the ad was taken down late on Tuesday after about a week online in Mexico and that the company had never meant to offend anyone.

More on the takedown here. (Link added 10:20 PM PST Sunday December 6.)


How will Mexico’s poor indigenous people make it through the Christmas season? With the help of white Mexican hipsters, of course!

TeleSurTV breaks it down:

A new Coca-Cola ad … aims to send an important message to its white and Mestizo consumers in Mexico this Christmas: break with your comfort zone and bring civilization to Indigenous people.

This, at least, is what their most recent advertisement seems to convey.

“81.6 percent of Mexican Indigenous have felt rejected for speaking another language,” the ad purports to inform while somber Indigenous faces fill the screen.

Fortunately for Mexico’s Indigenous, white Mexican hipsters are here to save them this Christmas with a “special message,” the ad tells us.

What follows next is a painful metaphor of ongoing colonialism in the country: white kids storm the Mixe Indigenous community, as if a crusade, distribute coke bottles and build a giant Coca-Cola Christmas tree for all to idolize.

More @ TeleSur….

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