Let’s build a Mexican border wall with confiscated weed (video)

All your weed are belong to us, OK? So let’s put that pot to good use by building a Mexican border wall made of the 17,000,000 pounds of marijuana confiscated by the Border Patrol! LiveLeaker Clark Griswold explains the video from The Center for Investigative Reporting:

The U.S.-Mexico border is 1,969 miles long (3,169 kilometers), according to the International Boundary and Water Commission. So if you laid standard 7-centimeter joints end to end, it would take 45,271,429 joints to span the whole border. No problem – we’ve got billions! So you could span the border 359 times. Stacking 359 joints with a diameter of 0.954 centimeters yields a 3.42-meter-tall (11.2-foot-tall) fence. This is much bigger than the actual current border fence, which is about 700 miles long.

  • Total border: 3,169 kilometers (316,900,000 centimeters)
  • 1 border = 45,271,429 joints
  • 16,274,535,552 joints / 45,271,429 joints per border = 359 joints high = 3.42 meters

“I wonder if trump has seen this?,” he adds. “WARNING: watching this will be a huge fucking waste of your precious time. Or “REPOST” either way, you’re still potheads.”

“P.S.: Everything tastes better with Vermont maple syrup on top. Just sayin….”