Los Pochodores: Our Pocho Ocho Top New Year’s Resolutions

resolutionWe asked the POCHO posse to share their New Year’s Resolutions for 2015. After the responses came in, we picked the best answers, and then carefully removed all the information that could personally identify the authors because El Cucuy.

And so we present Los Pochodores’ Pocho Ocho Top New Year Revolutions:

8. Update my Nahuatl name to reflect my aspirations.

7. Get in shape for the Grito Contest at Charro Days.

6. Start a frijoles community garden for my locavore needs.

5. Supplement my income by signing up to sell Yerbalife.

Can you donate $20 or $50 so we can make more Ñews y Satire?

4. Learn to prepare a full Mexican dinner from Tia Lencha para poderme casar ya.

3. Work to get Spanglish Studies added to the curriculum at institutions that serve “Hispanics.”

2. Watch Bordertown on Fox TV this Spring.

And the Numero Uno Pochodores’ resolution is…

Buy a Cristela Halloween costume now before they’re all sold out next year.

ElEresNerd, Professor Equis and Tia Lencha contributed to this report.