Pocho Ocho top reasons Sheriff Joe Arpaio is endorsing Donald Trump

sheriffjoetrumpArizona’s notorious Sheriff Joe Arpaio — racist, birther, and pendejo — is set to endorse racist, birther, and pendejo Donald Trump in the Iowa GOP caucuses, according to The New York Times.

Our Especial Correspondents have been on the phone with sources in Arizona, Iowa and New York probing the thinking behind this decision and we’ve compiled the Pocho Ocho Top Reasons Sheriff Joe Arpaio Will Endorse Donald Trump:

8. Pigs of a feather oink together

7. New York values

6. Spawned in the U.S.A.

5. Ain’t no border high enough

4. Two words: Got schlonged

3. Trump’s pledge to make Mexicans wear pink chonies

2. I have a kampf

And the Numero Uno Top Reason Sheriff Joe Arpaio Will Endorse Donald Trump is ….

With the death of Abe “Detective Fish” Vigoda, Arpaio hopes America will finally find enough room in its heart to love another constipated cop.

Especial Correspondents Lalo Alcaraz and Comic Saenz contributed to this report. Photographs by DonkeyHotey on the Flickr.


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