POCHO’s Más Popular Stories: Satire y Ñews You Used In 2014

mas2It was quite a year in Ñews y Satire business — our craziest, most exciting year yet.

We moved into new territory, actually MAKING some news by spotlighting some scoundrels and celebrating some angels.

Does it matter what stories we liked? Dunno. These are the stories that you clicked the most:

  1. SoCal Realtor™ gringa doesn’t like Mexican flag on lawn (video)
  2. Mexican TV’s Sandra Corcuera stays cool after live ‘nip slip’ (video)
  3. Our heritage and culture are not your Halloween costume
  4. Cheech and Chong: Santa Claus and His Old Lady (video)
  5. Am I a prophet? A time-traveling cartoonist? (toon, photo)
  6. Welcome to the Indian Store – Dream Catchers are on sale today (video)
  7. Can you donate $20 or $50 so we can make more Ñews y Satire?

  8. Don’t call me a ‘Mexican,’ America! Also, I’m not a ‘Latino’
  9. The Daily Show in Texas: Are Latinos worse than Chinese? (video)
  10. Not just gringas, not just NYC: A Latina walks in Hollywood (video)
  11. Mauled by chihuahuas, man survives attack but not shame
  12. Ugly Mexicans and sexy gringas — pulp fiction history of hate (toons)
  13. Fried axolotl, you’re the juan, you make dinner full of yum (photos)
  14. Chicano decides to start calling himself ‘Hispanic’
  15. Confused cholo adopts worst pit bull ever (NSFW video)
  16. Photos: ‘Sleeping Mexican’ garden statues? What’s racist about that?
  17. Gringos offended by the term ‘gringo’ are actually pendejos
  18. Jalisco woman who ‘cooked for Pancho Villa’ is 127 years old (video)
  19. Mexico builds border wall to keep out assholes from the U.S.A. (video)
  20. Is this the best video about gentrification in Los Angeles ever?
  21. Bimbo says adios to ‘Negrito’ — snack cake is now ‘Nito’ (video)