Running POCHO is a dirty job but some juan’s gotta do it

pochoonlineRunning POCHO is a real job. It takes hours of work, dedication and writers, editors, artists and videographers.

And it takes time and money.

We’ve got the time. We need you for the money.

  • We’d like more Internet bandwidth which means we need more money for our hosting company.
  • We’d like to rebuild this website, which means we need to hire a web development company.
  • And we’d like to pay the volunteer editors, cartoonists, reporters, and photographers who contribute because they believe in the mission.


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Pochismo, Inc., DBA POCHO DOT COM, is not a non-profit, although we have never made a profit. We sell ads via Google that sometimes generate enough cash to pay Comic Saenz’ iPhone bill. After that, we rely on donations from pochos like you.

Pochos just like you contribute because we make them laugh, we make them think, we make them angry and maybe we inspire them to work harder for a better tomorrow.

This is our mission. This is what we do. This is what we want to keep on doing.

Please help us with a small donation.

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