This GOP Latino outreach telenovela didn’t go viral because _____

veggiesdelvillarSo big the plans! Such wow! Much viral with the veggies that talk, or so they thought.

We just found out about this project, which The Federalist explained over the summer:

Businesswoman Clara Del Villar [photo, right] wants to help the GOP. A Dominican-American, Del Villar has watched conservatives and libertarians repeatedly fail to connect with Latinos. She believes it’s time for a more creative approach.

Toward that end, Del Villar has filmed 12 Webisodes of Familia Con Fuego, or Family With Fire, a new pro-free-market telenovela about the Flores family.

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The first aired July 14. The story centers on Camilla, a beautiful, rising political star, who leaves Washington DC for her hometown of New York City to help her mother and brothers run the family restaurant after her father’s sudden death.

Inspired by unusual sources, Camilla’s mother becomes committed to addressing immigration reform, while Camilla experiences heartbreak and becomes the Latina star of a Food Network show.

What? You missed this web series?

You can catch up here with the opening webisode, which features authentic Dominican music from the Gipsy Kings, and characters inspired by vegetables that speak (photo, top).

Want more?

Click here for the entire series: