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Here’s the list o stories:

  1. SoCal Realtor™ gringa doesn’t like Mexican flag on lawn (video)
  2. Foot star Selena Gomez is top tootsie on wikiFeet (photos, video
  3. Oxford: Big butt women are smarter, healthier *UPDATED w/ VIDEO
  4. Mexican TV’s Sandra Corcuera stays cool after live ‘nip slip’ (video)
  5. Our heritage and culture are not your Halloween costume
  6. Am I a prophet? A time-traveling cartoonist? (toon, photo)
  7. Welcome to the Indian Store – Dream Catchers are on sale today (video)
  8. Everything you wanted to know about ‘Colors’ but were afraid to ask
  9. Don’t call me a ‘Mexican,’ America! Also, I’m not a ‘Latino’
  10. The Daily Show in Texas: Are Latinos worse than Chinese? (video)