Oz-based taqueria chain Guzman y Gomez sells Mexican food on the other side of the world. Project Wing, a subsidiary of Alphabet (Google’s parent company), is working on local delivery drone copters. It was a match made in heaven. Read more at Guzman y Gomez’ website.

In South Australia, a Port Noarlunga’s Tequila N Tacos video features an announcer with a “Mexican” accent. Get it right! The stereotyped fat Mexican cartoon avatar with sombrero, mustache, taco, and cerveza lacks the required serape, burro, and cactus.

Yanet Garcia, the Televisa Monterrey weather hottie, video’d a sexy lingerie photo shoot for men’s magazine H Para Hombres and an Australia bro at UNILAD added NSFW play-by-play commentary including F-bombs.


Mexi-Australians Gerardo y Maria of La Tortilleria in Melbourne, OZ, demonstrated how to reheat their tortillas when you have a buttload of their tortillas to reheat. No kangaroos or wallabees were harmed in the making of this video.


We think this short commercial from the Land Down Under urges companies to improve employee morale by giving homesick painters named Mike either a “Mexican Face Tamper” or a “Mexican feast hamper.” We just don’t speak Australian.


McDonalds (Australia) helps you feed your ‘Inner Mexican’ (video)

by MOSCA MEXICAN March 26, 2015 Cultura
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The “legendary” El Maco at McDonalds in OZ will feed your inner Mexican, as long as he or she wants two all-beef patties, sour cream and “taco sauce.” [Mustache, charro outfit and sombrero not included. Not available at McDonalds stores near any actual Mexicans. Your bigote may vary.] ¿Me encanto?


In Australia, they make burritos with baby bats (video)

by Lucida Grandé December 3, 2014 Cultura
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These little guys are way cuter than we expected, but we have a question. In Australia, where the drains swirl backwards, do these bats sleep upside down or right side up?