We feel sorry for the people of Canada and for Tia Rosa commercial character Anna too, if the tacos she misses so much came from a kit and were made with flour tortillas like this: [Mas…]

Made of pen and ink, she can win you with a wink. Ain’t she cute? Boop-Boop-a-Doop. Sweet Betty!

Betty Boop for President is a musical Fleischer Studios cartoon from 1932. Betty’s campaign promises a better, caring tomorrow, while her evil opponent Mr. Nobody blatantly offers a mess of malarkey to potential voters. Make sure to listen for FDR’s famous 1932 campaign song and don’t miss the miracle of the convict in the electric chair. Betty Boop for President! Also, beer.

Wikipedia sums up the plot: [Mas…]

Make friends and influence people with a Chicano handshake?

That’s right, pochas y pochos, you too can reinforce your raza credibility with a puro handshake, as Subcommandanta del News Sara Inés Calderón demonstrates in her viral video. She illustrates the proper form for handshakes in Califas and Tejas plus throws in a variation that answers the musical question Why Can’t We Be Friends?

On the music front, Pocho Ñews Service Floridita Burro Jefe Santino J. Rivera takes a look at the contradiction between Rage Against the Machine’s message and some clueless fans’ love of the band. Hint: VP wannabe Paul Ryan isn’t the only doofus.

On the international business news beat, Subcommandante del Cultura Victor Payan blows the lid off the Republican effort to thwart the sale of bankrupt Hostess to Mexico’s Bimbo.  Revelations from the TwinkieLeaks website include this money quote from GOP guru Karl Rove: “They can have my DingDong when they pry it from my cold, dead hand.”

And New Jack City Burro Jefe Elise Roedenbeck illuminates the softer side of South America with the sad tale of a Peruvian girl and her llama —  a lament for lost youth, innocence and a little girl’s dreams.

These are top stories that broke the ñews on POCHO this week: [Mas…]

(PNS reporting from GLENDALE, CA) Documents released today confirm that top GOP officials conspired to kill the sale of Hostess snack foods to Mexico’s baked goods behemoth Grupo Bimbo.  Critics are blasting the Republicans for the scheme which resulted in Hostess Brands officially closing today after 82 years.

Grupo Bimbo, which is alive and well, boasts more than $10.7 billion in annual sales and owns such brands as Entenmann’s, Sara Lee, Boboli, Orowheat, Thomas’ English Muffins and the Mexican snack food favorite giant Marinela.

The news of Hostess Brands’ demise has resulted in injuries across the nation as Black Friday shoppers, college students and stoners loot snack cake aisles for the last boxes of Twinkies, Ding Dongs, CupCakes, HoHos and other treats necessary for their existence. [Mas…]