guardianA wandering Everyman arrives at a metaphysical gate, controlled by a fearsome Guardian. He tries to pass through, but is denied.

Everyman and Guardian, however, are the same person. Each of us must confront his own fear, or else the shapeless Guardian who controls us will close the doors on the possibilities of our lives. We have nothing to fear, tu sabes, but fear itself. (Also mind killer.) [Mas…]

“This is my draw…. Is a rebel guy that want to be a real portrait, and not a cartoon, but I don’t listen his petition, I only play with him and I bother him. Then my character avenge. | Éste es mi dibujo…. Es un chico rebelde que quiere ser un retrato real, y no una caricatura, pero yo no escucho su petición, solo juego con él y lo molesto. Luego mi personaje se venga.”
— Neyra Reyes