Looks pretty good, actually. A legit chicken teriyaki recipe, authentic pico de gallo/salsa made with grilled piña, and of course everything tastes better on a tortilla. We have three questions, though:

  1. Where did the rice come from?
  2. How can it be a “healthier” with a lettuce wrap instead of a tortilla? Corn tortillas are GLUTEN FREE, ENGLISH DUDE. Also, no tortilla, no taco.
  3. Wassup with the Christmas music soundtrack on a video uploaded March 27?

It’s got guacamole (or avocado), cilantro, garlic, black beans, queso, huevos, cebollas,and jalapeños — so far so good — and curry spice powder and coconut milk. Can they live in perfect harmony in this big-ass breakfast burrito? Chef John Manini is at the grill.

In Texas they call this tortilla soup. If it was more brothy, you might call it caldo de pollo. Either way, it’s Mexican Jewish penicillin and mijo you’ll feel much better after you enjoy a nice warm bowl of chicken soup.

Click here for the recipe.

Heute gibt es meinen mexikanischen Mais Salat in der Version mit Bulgur als Rezept für euch. Der Salat ist so einfach selber zu machen, den bekommt jeder Trottel hin 😉

Das schöne ist noch, dass ihr diesen Salat das ganze Jahr machen könnt da er asaisonal ist.

Hier findet ihr das Rezept

Food porn meets taco porn as the Los Angeles Taco Company (available for bookings now!) shows how they do it in Session. Cumbia available for an additional fee; ask your server.