According to POCHO Jefe-in-Chief Lalo Alcaraz 2017 Calendar, it’s Gucamole Wednesday, and that’s why we’re sharing the best guacamole video ever: [Mas…]

Salvador Santiago demonstrates how he makes tacos al pastor in a video by NOTIMEX, an official government propaganda agency. Still legit, though. PRO TIP: “Trompa” means “horn” and reflects the shape of the meat on the vertical rotisserie spit. The vertical spit — estimated birthdate 1950s — is either from Turkey or Greece or Arab countries in the Eastern Mediterranean, and that’s not an argument where POCHO wants to choose sides.

Making a Burrito For One is a video by Sean Ye, who, as far as we know, is not related to Kan Ye.

Dutch Chef Bianca Janssen makes what she calls tacos with smoked mackerel (according to Google Translate), mango, and, well, you’ll see. Why this Dutch-language video gets a Turkish voiceover and Vimeo description, we don’t know. Maybe we’ll ask the chef on her Twitter.

In Texas they call this tortilla soup. If it was more brothy, you might call it caldo de pollo. Either way, it’s Mexican Jewish penicillin and mijo you’ll feel much better after you enjoy a nice warm bowl of chicken soup.

Click here for the recipe.

koshernachosChicharrones are off limits for traditional Jews — pork is not kosher. But that doesn’t mean hungry Judios have to go through life without delicious fried cracklings of their own — they chow down on a crispy fried chicken skin preparation called gribeñes. [Mas…]

Super Bowl Sunday is guacamole’s biggest day (videos)

by MOSCA MEXICAN January 31, 2014 Cultura
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Americans will eat 100 million pounds of avocados on Super Bowl Sunday (that’s 100,000,000), mostly as guacamole: Southern California Public Radio reports: Avocado growers in Mexico have figured out that Americans need a lot of avocados about now, and they’re always ready to meet the demand. “They step up their volume for those weeks leading […]


Amazing surrealist video: ‘Fresh Guacamole’ (delicious, too!)

by jefe boyardee March 9, 2012 Cultura
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POCHO has a cooking video from My Drunk Kitchen (tacos) and recipes from Tia Lencha’s Cocina (aphrodisiac salsa) but we’ve never wanted to taste anything as much as this extra special Fresh Guacamole! There’s more about how and why they make this video magic at the PES site. Molcajete optional.