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I’m dreaming of a white privilege, just like the one y’all seem to know.

My girlfriend, self-admitted vagina owner Sarah Silverman, finds a way to close the wage gap between men and women – with a sex change operation. [TOTALLY NSFW VIDEO.]

If you don’t think a penis transplant is right for you, help working women close the wage gap here.


Nice Jewish girl Sarah Silverman (her sister is a rabbi in Israel) gets to spend some quality time with fellow Jew Jesus F*cking Christ; it turns out Jesus has a mission for Sarah. [NSFW adult language.]


cucavotingFifty years ago yesterday, four little girls were killed when white racists dynamited the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, AL. The African-American congregation had been active in the push for civil and voting rights in the segregated South.

But now that a misguided Supreme Court has overturned key provisions of the Voting Rights Act — a law prompted by the nation’s disgust at the Birmingham bombing and the arrests, demonstrations, riots, and murders that followed — the struggle for the right to vote continues.

Sarah Silverman explained the issue last year, when Republicans began their campaign to pass bogus “voter ID”  laws: [Mas…]

The Second Amendment is for everyone, right? Join Sarah Silverman and support everyone’s right to life, so a young black man — armed with a gun for self defense — can wear a hoodie and walk to the store for Skittles without fearing for his safety. The Black NRA: Because we all need to stand our ground!

Sarah Silverman is so totally not a racist.

Ñewsweek: Romney el moreno; no photo, no voto; santo monkey

by Comic Saenz September 23, 2012 El Now
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POCHO’s ñewsweek was all about the Mittster as the GOP wannabe wished he were a puro Latino, dissed half of America and looked mysteriously moreno on a Univision appearance. But wait, there’s more! Sarah Silverman explained how the GOP is trying to keep you from voting, Latinas have racist vaginas, and that new monkey species […]