tales_of_auto_elasticityfChris Labrooy utilizes CGI to twist everyday things into new forms. We like his cars. [Mas…]

mexicanbatmanLong story short: Batman is 75 years old and Warner Home Entertainment Mexico and the Mexican Museum of Design commissioned local artists to make their own Batdudes — en estilo mexicano. esplains: [Mas…]

Los Angeles artist Abel Alejandre says he did a lot of fighting when he was a kid, so the fighting cock has become his alter ego. [Video by Eric Minh Swenson. Music by Josh Garcia.]

sleepingmexArizona sure loves its Mexicans!

Taos-based author and photographer John Hamilton Farr went to Tucson on family business and was stunned by the “Sleeping Mexican” statues all around his mom’s old hood. He photographed these guys “within a two or three block radius of my mother’s old place…less than 10 minutes!”

He brought the statuary to the attention of official neighborhood Arizonians. Their reply? “What’s racist about that?”

People are asking the same question in San Antonio and Tucscon.

Nine big versions of Farr’s photos are below.
And can you answer the trick question: What’s racist about that?