Just a few easy ingredients and a strong stomach are all you need to make and enjoy these fantastic fusion vegan fandangos! Or not.

Start with a block of dried ramen noodles dipped in vegan egg-like goop, stew them in ramen juice, cut them into circles, fold them like tacos, then fill these little impersonators with fake chicken, bean sprouts, corn, cebollitas, wasabi (falso) mayonnaise. There you have it. Whatever.

quinoa2You won’t believe your eyes as quinoa, the miracle food of the Inca, ends up as mispronounced veggie burgers at Mickey D’s in Germany. Incas not included. No kale was exploited in the making of this video.


Or, as they say in Deutschland: [Mas…]

From Brazil: Young Luiz Antonio asks Mom about the octopus (polvo) they’re having for lunch:

Is an octopus an animal? Where is his head? Why did he have to die? Is a chicken an animal? A cow? I don’t want them to die. Why are you crying, Mommy?